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    Drive the famous Stelvio pass in Italy (Route 2 Only)

    Working your way through all 48 hairpins ...

The Two Ball Banger Rally

The ONLY European road trip and banger rally where all vehicles are welcome. A realistic budget, minimal rules, just a chance to get together with others who want an adventure to remember. The only plan is our daily destination….and to have great fun & laughter along the way!

We will take you across as many countries as possible taking in some incredible sights along the way. Although this is NOT a race, it is a serious competition, you will complete outrageous daily challenges which will test your mental state of mind, teamwork, driving and navigational skills. The teams will meet up each night to swap stories, down a few beers and take part in more crazy challenges.

The Routes ...

The Original Route - 14th - 18th August 2025

The Original Route will do 9 in 4; that is nine countries in four days! Yes it is possible, it will be tough, but if you want relaxation and boredom, try the travel agents! We will cover 1200 miles in four days passing through France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Monte Carlo and back to France. Along the way we will pass through the Black Forest of Germany, the famous Stelvio Mountain Pass, Lake Como and Monaco. At the end of the banger rally you can scrap your car and fly back or drive back through mainland France to the UK.

The Beach Route -17th - 21st July 2025

Or, if you prefer the sand and sea, try our Beach Route which takes you to the historical circuit of Reims, through the French Alps with two amazing mountain pass's. A stop in the cosmopolitan town of Sanremo, Italy where we will enjoy our own private pool at our evening venue. Monaco, the French Riviera, Cannes, St Tropez to name a few before we head for Barcelona, Spain. As with the other routes, you can simply scrap your vehicle  at the end and fly back to the UK.

London to Lisbon - 24th - 28th April 2025

But if its adventure and flying by the seat of your pants your after... then why not join us for our biggest rally...London to Lisbon in a Ford Ka! Starting in the UK, we will aim to stay in convoy as much as possible and head to the following destinations...Le Mans, La Rochelle, Bordeaux, through the Pyrenees, Burgos, Braga... before following the Portuguese coastline into Lisbon (still in a Ford Ka!) 

The Romanian Route - 28th August - 2nd Serptember 2024

Want to go further? How about the Romanian Route which takes you through France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, the Transfagarasan Highway and finishing in Bucharest, Romania. This could well be the most challenging routes we have to offer.....are you brave enough?

The Lakes Route - 13th - 15th September 2024

Scared of ferries.... then join us for a two day adventure in our home region for the Lakes Route. We meet for a few beers on the Friday night, you then have two full days of driving some of the best roads in the UK. You will still be expected to do the usual silly TBR challenges, but we squeeze it all into a 48 hour slot... all for £99 per team of two.

The TBR700 - 26th - 30th September 2024 & 8th to 12th May 2025

You may have heard of the North Coast 500 (NC500) well, in true Two Ball Rally style, we’ve made it bigger and better with the TBR700. Our longest UK route spread over four days; register on the Thursday evening and start the adventure Friday morning. You will then have four full days of action packed driving, fun and laughter. We do need to forewarn you, this event is tough going, the NC500 is tough enough…and then we add another 200 miles onto it!


The Cars ...

Unlike other European road trips and banger rally events, the Two Ball Banger Rally has a realistic approach to the vehicle you can use. The banger budget is £789, or you can use whatever car you wish. The reason is simple; we want the rally to be open to as many different vehicles as possible. You can rock up in a £200 rust bucket or a supercar. All vehicles and teams can take part in the daily and evening challenges with a chance to win the rally, however there will be additional prizes for the bangers! Points and prizes will still be awarded for crazy customization, theme, decoration of any vehicle and team; and remember points make prizes. (There is wiggle room on the £789 budget as we know that car prices have increased in the UK since 2022)

The Cost ...

  • £275 for a team of two drivers (Original, Beach Route), each additional driver costs £65.
  • £299 for a team of two drivers (London to Lisbon & The Romanian Route) each additional driver costs £65.
  • £250 for a team of two drivers on the TBR700 each additional driver costs £65.
  • £99 for a team of two on the Lakes Route, each additional driver costs £25.

The car is always ready for the rally with www.autodoc.co.uk