The Romanian Rally

Once again we’ve planned another amazing adventure for you. This one is set to take you through some of the most authentic eastern European destinations possible…..oh yes….. Did we mention you’ll get to drive the Transfagarasan Highway? It’s a long route, rough roads, real border crossings, folk have been telling us to stay away from some of these places! Well, that would be far too easy, so here it is the Two Ball Rally Romanian Route.

Registration… Wednesday 28th August 2024: St Quentin, France.

The Two Ball Rally registration evenings are legendary, so why would this one be any different? The night before we head off on our adventure is the perfect opportunity to get to meet the other teams and get to meet the staff who will be looking after you for the next five days. Registration is traditionally a fancy dress competition which makes for a great atmosphere.

Day 1… Thursday 29th August 2024: St Quentin to Freiberg, Germany (320 Miles)

Full of enthusiasm and with your first challenge in hand, we will hit the road nice and early. Our first stop of the day will be the historic Grand Prix Circuit of Reims. With its somewhat ‘abandoned’ pit garages and grandstands, it really is an amazing place to see and will look awesome with all the TBR cars parked up on the pit straight. We will then head south east hugging the German border before we arrive in the medieval city of Basel, Switzerland. You can then meet at our arranged venue for a nice cold beer and some food.

Day 2 …Friday 30th August 2024: Freiberg to Salzburg, Austria (350 Miles)

We will meet bright and breezy at our morning RV point in Basel and dish out your next daily challenge. With day one under your belt, you’ll be feeling right at home and in the swing of things……We will pass around Zurich, just south of Lake Konstanz and then you’ll hit Austria! The one country which we never get sick of, the views are utterly breath-taking. Depending on your chosen route, you could pass through Munich before our final destination of Salzburg. Once again, we will have arranged a top venue for you to relax at this evening.

Day 3… Saturday 31st August 2024: Salzburg to Budapest (340 Miles)

Today is where it gets interesting…..the furthest east the Two Ball Rally has ever been. After meeting at our morning RV point in Salzburg we traverse through Austria via Vienna….possibly a quick pit stop in Bratislava, Slovakia and into our fifth country of Hungary. Now, it would be very silly of us not to visit the party capital of this country…..especially as it’s a Saturday….so we’ve booked an interesting bar to meet at in Budapest before the fun begins.

Day 4… Sunday 1st September 2024: Budapest to Sebes/Sibui, Romania (325 Miles)

Although the mileage is low today, the driving time is still a full day as we’re heading further east. The scenery is due to change, we will cross the border from Hungary to our final country of Romania. You are likely to see things you’ve not seen before, things you maybe wish you hadn’t….. but, that is the idea of this eastern route……to see authentic Romania.  We will aim to have everyone in the same hotel at the end of this day, it will deliberately be a ‘quiet’ one…. (famous last words) and a chance to recoup ready for the final day.

Day 5… Monday 2nd September 2024: Sebes/Sibui via Transfagarasan Highway to Bucharest (225 Miles)

The big day, the final day, the Transfagarasan Highway day! Bring it on, the day we’ve all been waiting for. At 2000m high, hairpins, sweeping bends, camber, changes in tarmac the Balea Lake, tunnels and viaducts…..say no more. We will end the rally in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Teams then have the option of scrapping their cars, driving to Turkey or a scenic drive back through southern Europe, the choice is yours. We will then host the final night party at a top city location where we reveal the winners and runners up of the Two Ball Rally Romanian Route.

Romanian Route FAQs

What is the cost?

The entry fee is £299 for a team of two and £65 per additional team member. 

Will teams be scrapping in Bucharest?
Yes and No. But, we expect that the majority will. We have made arrangements for vehicles be scrapped/recycled. Our Romanian contact will deal with all the necessary paperwork too.

What if I want to drive back?
Not a problem! You could continue to Turkey, head back through Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia….. some ace routes back.

Will there be any mechanical support?
No. So we suggest you get to know your car before you head off, put some miles on it, or consider European breakdown cover.

What about hotels?
As usual, we will suggest hotels for the route.

Will we meet up each night?
Hell yeah! Nothing better than a catch up each night with a cold one to help.

What about return flights?
Bucharest (OTP) will be the best bet for return flights, there are regular ‘budget’ flights back to the UK, we use the skyscanner app to check cost and availability.