Two Ball Banger Rally Costs

Entrance Fee ...

Entrance fee is £250 per vehicle (Original, Beach Route & TBR700) £299 per vehicle (London to Lisbon & Romania) £99 per vehicle (Lakes) and based on a team of two. Additional team members will be charged £45 each (£25 per person for Lakes Route). So an average team of four will cost £340 to enter.

Also, because we set the vehicle budget a little higher than others, why not drive back to the UK and get your money back on the car?

This includes:

  • The adventure of your life… participating in the Two Ball Rally
  • Daily Top Gear style challenges & Bonus challenges
  • Booked venues for each evening, all serving cold beer
  • Rally Log Book with detailed routes, tips and guidance for the rally…
  • Two Ball Rally sticker pack for your car
  • 24 hour support during the event
  • Help with disposing of your car after the rally (if you decide to scrap it)
  • Daily and evening cash prizes
  • Final night award ceremony including trophies and champagne for winners and various runners up
  • And most important, unforgettable stories, photos to tell your mates!
  • Access to our designated Facebook group and our GPS tracking app
  • 9 years of experience running these events 
  • Experienced staff who know the routes and venues

And remember, unlike other banger rallies the Two Ball banger rally has a realistic banger budget of £567! And it is open to ALL cars. 

The Banger ...

£567 no more, it can however be less. No prize points will be awarded for spending less.

Insurance ...

Each vehicle will need to be fully insured as will the team drivers. We will ask to see proof of insurance at registration. If you are driving a banger, there are specialist insurance companies who will provide this such as Herts Insurance Consultants.

As a guide, last year we paid £86 for 10 days cover, two male drivers in a 1.8 petrol. It’s not as expensive as you may think, but you need it. If you are under 21, check you can obtain insurance for this event.

Accommodation ...

This is really up to you, you can camp, you can sleep in the back of your car, you can youth hostel, you can sofa surf or you can treat yourself to a range of accommodation available in and around our destinations. As a guide expect to pay £30 to £60 for two sharing at a 3* hotel. Airbnb, are great ways to get a good deal.

Ferry Crossing ...

Depends if you decide to drive back to the UK? If not it’s one of the only times you may purchase a one way ticket! Expect to pay £100 ish on a Dover-Calais crossing. 

Toll Roads ...

This will depend on your chosen route, there will be times when we cannot avoid tolls in order to reach our final destination. Remember, the more in your team, the more costs are shared. 

Fuel ...

It is slightly cheaper across the channel but do not expect to be paying £1.50 per litre, you can estimate costs with our route millage. (we will aim to stop in Luxembourg on the Original route, where fuel is about 25% cheaper!)

Breakdown Cover ...

We highly recommend this, the cost will be dependant on the make, model and age of your vehicle.

Vignettes ...

Needed on the Original route to drive on motorways in Austria and Switzerland. Required for the Romanian route for Austria, Hungary & Romania. 

Flights ...

If you decide to scrap your car in France/Spain/Portugal, this will be the quickest way back to the UK. Easyjet fly from Nice, France to Gatwick, Stanstead, Liverpool, Newcastle & Edinburgh. Many flights also available from Barcelona back to the UK. Flights readily available from Lisbon and Bucharest OTP.