The Wrong Way Up Rally

Possibly our most challenging route yet, as if doing a banger rally in a car wasn’t tough enough, were making you do it on a moped! This route has been planned carefully to avoid busy roads and motorways, we have designed and incorporated the usual Two Ball Rally style challenges to keep you entertained along the way. The nature of this event will bring a whole host of additional challenges, but rest assured you’re in good hands. We will be travelling behind teams for a change on this one in a designated support van. The support van will be used to transport luggage to and from hotels and venues for teams if required, thus keeping rider weight as low as possible. We will also have to facility to offer mechanical support via the van.

Registration…Friday 26th May 2023: North Wales.

Our registration evenings are legendary, so why would this one be any different? The evening before we all head off is a great way to get to know the other riders on the event and meet the staff who will be looking after you for the next few days. Registration is often in fancy dress which just makes for even more fun.

Day 1…Saturday 27th May 2023: North Wales to Southport, England (130 Miles)

The first day is always the toughest until you get into the swing of things. We’ll head along the north coast of wales dropping into Liverpool for a lunch stop, then following the west coast up to Southport.

Day 2…Sunday 28th May 2023: Southport to Ambleside/TBC, England (140 Miles)

Now you’re in the swing of things….either loving or hating your moped! We will continue up the west coast of England and drop through Blackpool and Morecambe before heading into our back yard of the Lake District. We will no doubt squeeze in a mountain pass before we nestle down in the Cambrian town of Ambleside for the evening.

Day 3…Monday 29th May 2023: Ambleside to Dumfries, Scotland (120 Miles)

The final day will take you through the heart of the Lake District National Park, we live here so we’ll make sure you see the best of it. We will stop somewhere for lunch and refreshments before heading along the Solway coast, into Scotland and along to our final destination of Dumfries


Wrong Way Up FAQs

Does it have to be a 125cc? Yes, we are making this an unique event and a maximum capacity of 125cc will make it such good fun.

Is there a limit to what we can spend on the bike?No, spend as much as you like - no limit on this one. 

How do i get to the start line and back from the finish line? Some teams hire vans to transport the bike to the start line in Wales, they then hired a van to transport the bikes back. 

Why a 125cc? Why not? Cheap, cheerful and fun to ride!

What about hotels? As usual, we will suggest hotels for the route.

Will there be any mechanical support? Yes, we will be following all riders with a long wheel base van, the van can be used to carry luggage from hotel to hotel and also to recovery bikes should the worst happen and you break down.