Two Ball Banger Rally Rules

There are very few rules, the ones we have are very simple but very important and will be enforced where your safety is involved. For everyone’s safety and enjoyment all team members will be required to agree to the full Terms and Conditions of the event

Rule 1 ... Banger Budget

The banger target is £789. There is wiggle room on this value with the recent increase in second hand prices. Once you have purchased your banger you can spend as little or as much as you want to improve the reliability and the look. And don''t forget ANY vehicle is welcome. 

Rule 2 ... Non-Banger

You can enter in a ‘non banger’ 'daily drive' 'pride & joy' 'supercar'.  You can still take part in the daily and evening challenges with a chance to win them and the rally. We class a ‘non banger’ as any car costing more than £1000

Rule 3 ... MOT, Tax, Insurance & condition of car

Your vehicle must have valid Insurance, tax and MOT for the duration of the rally and if you plan to return home. We will be asking for proof of this at registration. Factory built convertibles are acceptable but “crop tops” involving the removal of the roof are unsafe and are strictly banned, any modifications MUST be safe.

Rule 4 ... Driving Licence

You will need a full UK driving licence if you intend to drive, check that you licence covers you to drive in the countries which we will pass through. Again, we will ask to see this at registration.

Rule 5 ... Passport

You will need your passport for the whole rally, it will be checked as you leave the UK, you will need it as ID for most hotels and you will need it to return to the UK (unless you decide to take up residency in France?)

Rule 6 ... Team Size

Maximum team size is five members, because the average car sits five people! If you have a seven seated Ford Galaxy or similar and want to enter please contact us.

Rule 7 ... Scrapping

You are fully responsible for the safe and legal disposal of your vehicle at the end of the rally. We will recommend and point you in the direction of a scrap yard that will assist. DO NOT be tempted to dump your car, we’re in the EU now and they will catch up with you as will speeding tickets!

Rule 8 ... Obey the Law

It is NOT a race; it is a European Road Trip. Do not be tempted to race each other at 120mph to destinations, it will only end in tears – and possible disqualification! Drive safely and respect the law of the country in which we are visiting. Bumping into or nudging other team cars, whether driving or parked is strictly prohibited. Teams have put a lot of time, effort and money in getting there car ready and will not appreciate having there cars damaged.

Rule 9 ... Don't Drink and Drive

There will be many beers sunk and there will be a great party atmosphere, this does not mean you can drink and drive. Your team is fully responsible for making sure that the designated driver/s are below the legal limit for the country which you are in. To comply with EU Law you will be required to carry disposable breathalysers so there will be no excuse.

Rule 10 ... Anti-social Behaviour

Two Ball rally will not tolerate any form of anti-social behaviour, we all know what is and is not included in that. We’re doing this for fun; let’s just keep it that way.

Rule 11 ... And Finally ...

Have fun!