Frequency Asked Questions

Why choose us?

We have planned SIX awesome routes which takes you through spectacular scenery such as the legendary Stelvio pass, Lake Como & Monaco, the French Alps, the French Riviera, the Pyrenees, Barcelona. Le Mans, Bordeaux, Braga and Lisbon, The Scottish Highlands and even Romania! We guarantee that you will meet some great new friends, see some crazy cars, and sample great venues, food, drinks and accommodation.You will be the setting the bar, the pictures, the videos the whole lot! And finally, ALL vehicles are welcome.

What will it cost me?

Entry fee is from £275 for a team of two (Beach Route, Original Route & TBR700) £299 for a team of two (London to Lisbon & Romania) and £99 for a team of two (Lakes Route). Additional team member are £45. Additional information of estimated costs are covered in our costs section.

What shall I do about accommodation?

This is up to you, consider camping to keep the costs down or a hotel if you want the luxury. Look on hotel booking websites for best prices, otherwise you can always sleep in the car! We will provide a list of suggested hotels and campsite for each route.

What car can I enter?

Anything; Car, Van, Motorbike, Taxi. However, if you intend to enter the 'banger' class your car must cost no more than £567. If you want to enter your own car you can.

Do I need special Insurance?

We strongly advise that you take out comprehensive vehicle or banger rally insurance, why take the risk.

Can I use a sat nav?

Yes and we highly recommend this - but take a map of Europe as a back up

Are we allowed to use two-way radios?

Yes, it can be a great way to keep in contact with your newly found convoy buddies.

What do I do about scrapping the car at the end?

We will suggest a local breakers who will take the vehicle off your hands, you will need the V5 and passport of the registered keeper. Whilst we cannot estimate how much they will pay out, something will always be better than nothing.

How will I get home?

Walk, hitch, train or fly. The latter is the best option, flights from Barcelona and Nice are cheap and return to a good selection of UK airports.

How much driving will we do?

We aim to keep daily mileage sensible, but much of this will depend on you and which route you want to take.

Can I enter from Europe?

Yes, just register, pay up and meet us at the registration point on day one.

Will I have to sign a disclaimer?

Yes, this covers us as much as it does you.

Can you be disqualified?

Yes, we will not tolerate any form of anti-social behaviour.

What if I have to pull out before the start?

We will not be in a position to offer any refund or transfer your place to another event.

Will there be any mechanical support?

No, prep­­­are your car to the best of your ability, make sure you have a spare and jack, check the oil and water at the start of each day. Cable ties and gaffa tape gets you out of most problems!

What should we take?

Toothbrush, sunglasses, digital camera, smartphone and driving documents. We will send out a basic checklist before you set off.

Is there an age limit?

Strictly over 18.