The Beach Rally

This route has taken lots of planning; for this route we thought we’d go for pure style and hit as many beach resorts as possible. For good measure we have even managed to squeeze in a mountain pass or two. We have hand selected the best venues with the coldest beers ready for your arrival.

Registration ... Thursday 18th July 2024: Saint Quentin, France

The night before is a great chance to meet the other teams taking part, plan routes, swap numbers and arrange your convoy. There will be some warm-up, light hearted games to get you all talking, a chance to get used to European food and of course the beer!

Day 1 ... Friday 19th July 2024: St Quentin, France to Annecy, France (402 miles)

The morning after registration we meet up nice and early where you will receive your daily challenge pack, then it’s time to hit the road. We have quite a few miles to cover on day one so that we can be at the beaches in good time. The toll roads will be the quickest way to get us to the foot of the French Alps and to the medieval town of Annecy. Regardless of which route you take to get there, the scenery is still amazing, rolling fields and long open roads. At the end of the day all teams will meet at our destination and we will see just who is leading the challenges!

Day 2 ... Saturday 20th July 2024: Annecy, France, Italy (297 miles)

With day one behind you with you all have settled into the Two Ball Rally way, all teams will meet at the RV point and pick up your daily challenge pack. You then have two options, head straight to Italy and hit the beach or extend the day by taking in some of the mountain passes. It has to be said that the passes are just amazing, nearly 2500m above sea level, they are just as much fun to ascend as they are to descend; just remember to let the engine do the braking! Our venue in Italy will be another eye-opener; the hustle and bustle of this seaside town is just incredible. We will meet again that night to score challenges and update the leaderboard.

Day 3 ... Sunday 21st July 2024: Italy, Monaco and France (333 miles)

There is a slight chance that last night will have been a heavy one, so you can relax and recuperate just an hour down the coast in Monaco. Get there early to enjoy the delights and a lap of the Formula One circuit. No doubt we will set a ‘Monaco’ related challenge just to keep you on the ball and to make sure you make the most of what it has to offer. You can then follow the French Riviera through to Nice, Cannes and possibly Saint-Tropez. Then you can pick up the highway and head to our venue for the Two Ball Rally Pub Quiz!

Day 4 ... Monday 22nd July 2024: Arles to Barcelona (260 miles)

Today will be the shortest day as we want you to make the finishing line in good time to prepare for our final night party and awards ceremony. So, get the sunglasses on, windows down and just enjoy the journey towards Española (Spain). You will head through the Pyrenees Mountains and take the coastal road heading towards Barcelona. There should be plenty of time to hit the beach and sample that Mediterranean sea once again if you have not already done so, or why not take a look around Barcelona.